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Croatia Seaside Holiday

WELCOME TO SPLIT CROATIA, the home of ancient roman palaces, crystal clear blue beaches, fantastic food, beautiful natural wonders and the set of Game of Thrones! This country may sound a bit new to you, and thats because its only existed since 1992. Before that it was apart of Yugoslavia, Germany, Italy, Greece and most famously Rome. All of these world cultures influenced Croatia and can still be seen today throughout the country .Croatia is home to several unesco world heritage sites, and top tier restaurants at prices everyone can afford being one of the most affordable places in europe. This small city of split is the 2nd largest in the country however you can walk the whole city in about 40 mins to an hour. Get ready to experience europe's best kept Mediterranean secret by the Sea. 



DAY 1: Dobrodošli(welcome) TO SPLIT, CROATIA

Welcome to the life on the Adriatic Sea. This is where your DISCOVI Starts! We pick you up from the airport (split international airport) and take you to get settled into the DISCOVI House. We know you’ve had a long flight but your in Croatia! So go outside and start exploring the neighborhood after you get acclimated we will have a welcome dinner at one of the best local spots in town for us to get to know our fellow DISCOVI travelers with a small neighborhood Tour. Get some sleep for tomorrow we will be exploring Split Croatia! 


Rise and shine,  your cultural experience starts now , get some Croatian breakfast and fuel up cause today we take on Diocletian's palace the fortress that once kept invaders out of Split but now welcomes them as normal people live and work throughout the palace walls. Eat a local Croatian lunch from a small local shop as you watch the adriatic sea invite you in. 


The sea is beautiful and now you get to dive in! Croatia’s beaches are among some of the most beautiful in the world 

DAY 4:Krka National Park Waterfalls

We will be leaving split for a while to go to Krka national park one of the most magical places you will ever visit. Here you can explore the park grounds, encounter one of Krka’s 100s of animal species. And swim in a naturally beautiful waterfall. Get in touch with nature in this forest of mystery. Not to mention make your friends back home jealous with some of the most instagrammable locations in the world.  


Free Exploration Day and Night

DAY 6: Trip to HVar ISland

Island hopping to Hvar Island.


Our last night Tonight we shall meet for Dinner to have one of the most unique and exclusive meals in Croatia.  It is called peka. And it is the main event. It must be reserved 1 day ahead of time and takes around 5 hours to prepare.  Traditional Croatian Peka feast

DAY 8: Doviđenja (GOODBYE) Croatia

Departure from Croatia, with lasting memories of the adriatic sea.


Every Discovi Trip is 8 days for $499 and includes all of the below:

Airport Transfer: From the moment you step off the plane you’re in good hands. We will pick you up at the airport and take you directly to the DIscovi Accomodation!

Accommodation: Friendly accommodation in the Hostel style Discovi House for 8 days and 7 Nights.

Breakfast: Local Breakfast will be served daily

Discovi Trip Leader: This is your guide, A knowledgeable expat who has lived in the country. They will take you to all the coolest places you're going to love while being abroad!

Local Discovi Itinerary: No tourist traps here, Discovi isn’t a tour as much as it’s authentic local Experiences you will only find in that culture. All made to MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE A LOCAL. So much fun is going to be had, this isn't your boring old walking tour!

Translator: Don't speak the language? No problem your Discovi Trip Leader will help you out! Making your trip easier so you can focus on the experience!

Discovi Travel Club Entry: DIscovi's small group of 18-35 year old travelers are like family. We connect via the exclusive Facebook Group “Discovi Travel Club”. Which has some awesome perks, such as: Exclusive Discovi Travel Discounts, Secret Trips for Discovi Club members only, First Access to new Discovi Trip destinations, Global network of like minded travelers. Get ready to have the time of your life with 8-10 new friends on your Discovi Trip!

Tasty Tour: We will be taking you to some of the best local Eats, delicious and authentic food that won’t break the bank!

Solo Travel time: Every Discovi Event is optional and only takes half of a day. Meaning if we have an awesome DAY experience for you, The night is yours to explore and vice versa!

Photographer: Culture is beautiful, landmarks are awesome but let's be real it's all about the PHOTOS!! That is why we take care of that for you. Life is not lived through a Phone!

Discovi Meal Pass (optional for +$200): All meals on the scheduled Discovi Itinerary will be paid so you won't have to worry about food cost while on your trip. Just sit down and experience some of the most culturally authentic and tasty local eats with your Discovi Meal Pass!

Discovi Entry Tickets (optional for +$200): All entrance fees on the scheduled Discovi Itinerary will be paid so you won't have to worry about this cost while on your trip. Just Enjoy the experience and all the local activities with your Discovi Entry Tickets!


Food: Food while on the trip will not be included other than the provided breakfast in Discovi Accommodation (Unless purchased optional Discovi Meal Pass)

Drinks: Soft drinks and alcohol while on the trip will not be included.

Transportation not covered by the metro Pass: Any transportation cost that are not covered by the metro card provided are not included in your trip price.

Entrance fees: Some places do have entrance fees, please be aware of all fees for scheduled events although they are optional (Unless purchased optional Discovi Entry Ticket)

Roundtrip Flight : As with most adventure travel companies. We do not include roundtrip airfare to your trip for $499 option

Solo travel activities: Activities you plan and pursue on your own

Travel insurance: We recommend taking travel insurance through other companies if you need it.


We will be staying in a clean and convenient hostal, only 3 minutes away from Diocletian’s Palace. With super convenient access to Beaches, the riva and many more.

Amenities include

  • Single Bed in shared accomodation

  • Lockers

  • Pillows

  • Sheets

  • WIFI

  • Towels

  • Shower

  • Toilets

  • Towels