5 Must Do Croatia Experiences

5 Must Do Croatia Experiences

5. Island Hopping

Grab a boat, and explore the Adriatic Sea,  Croatia is truly a sight to behold. With its crystal blue waters, pebble beaches and seaside lifestyle, it is no wonder it is becoming one of the top tourist destinations in Europe. The Dalmatian coast is the place to be in summer. Due to the coast's many small islands, it is pretty easy to travel to each. These islands each have their own charm and are worth a visit for there many wonders. Such as the luminance blue cave,

4. Eat Peka

Imagine on your plate is the most tender and delicious Octopus and potatoes you have ever had the pleasure of tasting. Now imagine you have been waiting for this succulent dish for almost 24 hours. This is the reality when you have the Croatian Peka experience. The preparation of this dish requires fishing the perfectly fresh seafood in the morning and then slow cooking it in a traditional Croatian cast-iron method where the ash and smoke can absorb into the meat for....(wait for it)...4 -6 hours! Because of the intense preparation and cooking time, you must reserve the dish 24 hours before you can enjoy this Croatian feast. Among the tastiest dishes in Croatian cuisine, Peka is a must-try when you are on your Croatian holiday.

3. Stroll Around The Diocletian Palace 

Croatia is full of picturesque cities but the town of Split is perhaps our favorite. The main center of the town is actually a 4th-century roman palace. Filled with narrow pathways, walls thousands of years old, and homes. Diocletian's palace was built in the 4th century as a summer home for the Roman emperor Diocletian, the famous Christian persecutor. When the Roman Empire fell the palace was still here and now has been taken back by the people with generations of Croatians living in the walls of this massive palace still to this day. Have fun getting lost in the filming location of “Game of Thrones” and feel like you are walking through "King's Landing". 

2. Visit Krka National park Swim in a waterfall

Get ready to have your mind blown and jaw dropped! Croatia is filled with tons of wonderful natural beauty, however, one of the most stunning natural wonders of Croatia is Krka national park and its majestic waterfalls. Located just 1 hour outside of Split, Krka national park is a wonderland of vast forest teeming with wildlife and adventure. The best part of the park is you can dive into this oasis and swim around directly under this natural behemoth. One word of advice the natural limestone in the crystal clear freshwater is very hard to get your grip on, so be careful not to slip. You will have a fantastic time in Croatia's most interactive natural wonder.

1. Beaches

Croatian beaches are 2nd to none. Particularly the ones lining the dalmatian coast around Split.  They have the appearance of a rocky fantasy land. This is the stuff Disney wishes it could create. The crystal clear waters of the dalmatian coast are ranked on some of the world's best beaches not just in Croatia. Most beaches in Croatia are pebble beaches which is definitely a bit of a shock to our sand accustomed feet. You will soon realize why the croats swear by their pebble beaches. Imagine lying on the beach all day but after being completely clean. No sand in your socks, your hair, your clothes and um...other places and if that wasn't enough. These beaches are the things instagram was made for. You must dive in! 

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