6 Real Travel Hacks For Cheap Flights In 2020

6 Real Travel Hacks For Cheap Flights in 2020

Everybody loves traveling to new and exotic locations I mean why not you get to experience new foods, new people, new cultures it's honestly one of the greatest experiences you can have in life. However not everybody loves their travel especially not the prices. because if you can't afford it? You're not going anywhere. And that's why we at Discovi Travel have gathered our experts of seasoned flyers that will show you the best way to get cheap flights in 2020


One of the many secrets that expert travelers have in their toolbox is skyscanner.com.  Skyscanner is an incredibly powerful aggregate site. What it does is it takes every flight that's on the internet and simply gives you the best rates found on many different comparison sites.  however even though this sounds very similar to many other apps out there like kayak.com or Google flights (which are also great resources) Skyscanner for some reason is always cheaper not just like sometimes usually it's about 95%. The coolest thing about Skyscanner is that if you do not know where you want to go you can simply search for flights anywhere and it will literally show you every country that you can go to from your city for the most affordable cost. Some people who are digital Nomads for instance just use the anywhere feature to figure out which country they're going to go next. Another thing we love about Skyscanner it is super simple to use and will even alert you when your flight prices gets lower. If you're not using Skyscanner by now what are you waiting for.


When looking for flights specially for the cheap realize that direct flights are almost always more expensive. So one of the biggest travel hacks you can do is to take a layover. Layovers can be great or they could be torture it depends on how you treat them if your layover is over maybe 3 hours it may or may not be feeling like you get an airport forever however if you really think about it taking a 3-hour layover versus spending $300 is it really a hard choice. Many flight providers give much cheaper tickets for longer layover times this lets them fill up less popular flights. But do be aware layover times can be anywhere from 3 hours to even 24-hour layovers Aren't sure you can do a long layover. Go check out our other article from Lloyd The Nomad all about his experience on an 18-hour layover in Qatar! And how to thrive in long layovers.______


Let's all be honest you know where you live. You may know everything about your city, however it's a great deal more likely that nobody else does including airline companies. Because of this it may be beneficial for you to try a flying out of a city that's more popular than your own City. For example say if you are in Bath,England and want to go to Thailand for an incredible $499 Discovi Trip (*winks at camera), you may find flying from London to your destination is much cheaper. Even if you are in the USA in a city on the west coast like Sacramento California maybe you should fly from Los Angeles instead. Understanding this concept is pretty simple but we will go into the reasons why here. there are many airlines out there opening new routes every day but they're only really going to a few port cities around the world.  You can see which cities those are right here on this short article about this which airports have the cheapest outgoing flights in the entire world right here_____. Don't be afraid to travel 2 - 3 hours to get to those airports via bus train or some local method of Transport even domestic flight, because these will usually be cheaper than flying out of your Airport directly to your destination. so remember Fly out of the most popular airports and because those are the places that are going to get you deals.


Flexibility is key when looking for cheaper flights. The time of day the actual date and many more factors can throw off prices. Best thing to do is to be really chill About when you're going to a location don't make a fus over one or two days because flight dates and prices are a mystery to so many people. There are some  that say if you fly on a Saturday it's going to be more expensive than if you fly on a weekday. some say it's going to be cheaper if you fly on Tuesday. There are more theories on the dates of flights than anything else in travel and for the last 20 years nobody has understood it or crack the code.

So let me be the first to say every Airline dictates their own prices in order to be competitive with other airlines and just like any other business you have no clue why, when, or how much those prices are going to fluctuate. Therefore let them do what they do and let you be flexible enough to anticipate those changes.

 it doesn't really matter which day you purchase. No one truly understands how flight prices actually work so don't just pick one day you absolutely must go on pick a good 3 or 4 days around the date that you want to travel, that way you'll get the best deals.


There's a word you may or may not have heard before: LOW-COST CARRIERS.

(Cue the Heavenly choir sounds)

If you travel into a region like Europe you will be bombarded with so many low-cost carriers such as ryanair easyJet, eurowings and more. These Airlines Are No Nonsense, no frills air buses that get you to where you need to go with prices that can be as low as $15. These are well known in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and pretty much everywhere. However what we're suggesting to you is instead of flying to your destination city simply fly into the region for the cheapest price possible and then take one of these low-cost carrier to your destination city. You will not believe how much money you'll save.

A great example of this is a direct flight  into Thailand is $600 - $1000+ however a flight to maybe Taiwan or Japan or China or bali maybe cheaper to do depending on what deals are available at the time and from there flying into Thailand is a breeze.  The same goes for pretty much anywhere in Europe, once you're actually in Europe it is so much easier to travel around. You can even go by train if you really want to but flying is actually cheaper, faster and did we say more affordable!


Did you know that getting two one-way flights may actually be cheaper than getting a round-trip flight? (GASP!) Well it's true. Sometimes if you want to fly to a location that's really popular flying one way VIA one carrier on one day and flying out on a different carrier on your departure day is much cheaper. The reasoning behind this makes perfect sense when you think about how Airlines work different companies have different deals with different ticket providers.  Therefore going with the same company for your ticket may not be the best method.

 A bonus tip but the most important thing to remember when flying 

A bit of a bonus tip but this isn't exactly a way to find flights and more of a way to think about flights. Although of course you should enjoy the journey of these ridiculously long hours in the air, you don't pick where you want to go based on the flight. What I mean by this is you at Japan or Croatia or Thailand or Italy or Germany because you wanted to take a 10-hour flight. Flights are just a means to an end. And that end is you enjoying your time in that country. So my biggest tip for people to get cheaper flight is to stop thinking of it as a luxury where you need to get blankets and super great food and all the amazing things you get at a hotel. A plane is basically a bus with wings. Treat it as such and you will be much more likely to be able to go to these countries using the modern miracle that is flight. 

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