5 Reasons Why You Should Travel In Your 20s

Why you should travel in your 20’S


by Lloyd Capehart

Travel can be a transformative experience but sadly a lot of us wait until we're older or even retired to travel more. While any age is a good time to start traveling. Here's 5 reason why your own roaring 20's are the best age to travel!

1. This is the time where you have the most freedom

When you are in your 20s the world is your oyster and you have the flexibility to do so many thing. This is the time when we are making our way into the adulthood. So why not actually use this time to discover the way the world lives.  A lot of people look at their 20s as a bad time to travel. Since most people think you should use this time in your life to get established in whichever career you choose. However the more established you get the less freedom you actually have. So before Life knocks you down take some time to see the world first. Which reminds us...

2.You may not know what what you want to do yet?

Honestly how many 20 year olds do you know who have their life together after college ( Its ok we'll wait). The best thing about travel is that it teaches us things without us even trying to learn them. Simply by traveling to new cultures, being open and meeting new people your entire perspective on life can change drastically. Along with what you want out of life as well. Meaning whatever path you were on will most likely be changed as you discover people and places you may actually want to live in. For instance, traveling to countries like Thailand and experiencing such a high quality of life (and food,yum) at such a low price is enough to make a few people reconsider their home country and current career path. So it's important to learn about the world first before you set down roots. (Insert witty Segway to next topic here ;)

3. Being A Young Traveler Gives You Discount!

There are many travel hacks but this one has got to be the most useful. When you are under a certain age many places have youth discounts. These can be found in cities all over the world. For example did you know in some european countries,  if you are under the age of 27 several museums, events, stage shows and even bus and train tickets can be discounted significantly! Not only that but if you have a student ID sometimes you can even get into places for free! It definitely pays to be young and travel.

4.Nobody judges you or thinks you're going crazy!

When traveling, it is natural to do things that are out of your norm, it's what makes travel an experience. You may even get a little crazy and who can blame you. However,  it is far better to do those things when you are young bright eyed and bushy tailed than when you are more seasoned. Everyone generally likes young people, we are full of energy and people welcome them with open arms no matter income level or backround. But when you are older and look more adult people tend to start judging you for not having your stuff together yet. Basically, the less cute you start looking  the less you can get away with as a traveler. Trust us the looks you get when you move to thailand to find yourself at 24 are very different when your 42.

5. You can Take Discovi trips!


There are many companies out there which give you insane multi day trips for being young. In fact there is an entire industry called "Adventure Travel" which is exclusively for those between the ages of 18 - 35 years old. While many of these companies charge $1500 - $3000 not including the flight , Discovi Travel has 8 day trips for only $499....yes seriously. These trips include accommodation, airport transfers, breakfast, photographer, unlimited metro passes, and 8 days of fun local authentic itinerary. The only catch is that the groups are only 8 people per trip so each trip gets sold out FAST! Definitely a great way to travel the world and not break the bank when young. Check it out for yourself: Here

While there are many more reasons to travel in your 20's hopefully these will serve as a motivator to get out there and book your next trip into the world and start exploring.  

Written by Lloyd Capehart

Founder of Discovi Travel 8 day trips for 18 -35 year olds for $499. Making it the most affordable trip in the world. Currently, we go to Japan, Croatia, Italy and Thailand.  book your local Discovi trip at Discovitravel.com