Croatia (June 10th - 16th )

Croatia (June 10th - 16th )

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WELCOME TO SPLIT CROATIA, the home of ancient roman palaces, crystal clear blue beaches, fantastic food, beautiful natural wonders and the set of Game of Thrones! This country may sound a bit new to you, and thats because its only existed since 1992. Before that it was apart of Yugoslavia, Germany, Italy, Greece and most famously Rome. All of these world cultures influenced Croatia and can still be seen today throughout the country .Croatia is home to several unesco world heritage sites, and top tier restaurants at prices everyone can afford being one of the most affordable places in europe. This small city of split is the 2nd largest in the country however you can walk the whole city in about 40 mins to an hour. Get ready to experience europe's best kept Mediterranean secret by the Sea. 


Accommodation: Accommodation in Discovi House hostal in Split Croatia

Breakfast: A Traditional Croatian Breakfast will be served daily

Country Insider: This is your guide, A knowledgeable expat who has lived in the country for at least 2 years. They will take you to all the coolest places you're going to love while being abroad.

Local Insider:  This is Your 2nd guide, They will take you to all of the best local spots that are cool or frequented by Japanese People themselves. No tourist Traps here! Find out what real life is about in Japan.

Translator: Don't speak Japanese? No problem we have a Native Japanese speaker with you to help you out! Making your trip easier so you can focus on the experience!

Discovi Group Entry: DIscovi's small group of 18-35 year old travelers are like family. Get ready to have the time of your life with 8-10 new friends In Tokyo Japan!

Tokyo Subway Metro Card: Tokyo's main mode of transportation is also the most advanced subway system in the world and You get to Ride for free! With this exclusive Tokyo Subway Metro Card

Tasty Tokyo Tour: We will be taking you to some of the best local Eats in Tokyo, delicious and authentic Japanese food!

Tokyo Activity Tour: This isn't a tour this is 10+ Japanese Experiences across Tokyo while seeing and doing things you will only find in Japan. So much fun is going to be had, this isn't your boring old walking tour!

Kamakura Temple hoping: Kamakura is a small beautiful, instagram ready ancient Japanese town filled with many Buddhist Temples, Shinto Shrines and bamboo Tree gardens.

Enoshima Island/ Mt Fuji: A Small Island, you will find a unique micro community with their own delicacies and even gods. Enhanced by the majestic views of Mt.Fuji on the water
Airport Transfer: From the moment you step off the plane your in good hands. We will pick you up at the airport and take you directly to the DIscovi House!

Solo Travel time!: Every Discovi Event is optional and only takes half of a day. Meaning if we have an awesome DAY experience for you, The night is yours to explore and vice versa!

Pro Photographer: Culture is beautiful, landmarks are awesome but let's be real it's all about the PHOTOS!! That is why we take care of that for you. Life is not lived through a Phone!

Roundtrip Flight (opt): As an option, We can book and handle all round trip flight reservations for you to make it easier for you.


Food & Drink: Food & Drink while on the trip other than the provided breakfast in Discovi House

Entrance fees: Some places do have entrance fees, to be aware of all fees. For scheduled events although they are optional the average cost should be about:

Solo travel activities: Activities you plan and pursue on your own

Travel insurance: We recommend taking travel insurance thru other companies if you need it.

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