What is a DISCOVI Trip?

A DISCOVI is a fun group experience that lets you discover places and cultures all across the world in the most authentic way possible at the most affordable prices. Through thoughtfully crafted evolving itineraries made by our team of country and Local experts to give you the most eye opening experiences on the planet.

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We have DISCOVI trips in some of the greatest cities and places on earth. Places that people dream of and at prices people think are too good to be true. A DISCOVI is an experience and that experience of picnicking under the Eiffel tower or crossing the streets of Tokyo with hundreds of locals, eating the finest pasta while soaking in historic roman colosseum or hitting the cinematic streets of NYC. All of these experiences can be yours for $499 (yes,seriously!). Go on a DISCOVI and experience some of the greatest destinations on earth for the lowest prices on the planet.



All DISCOVI groups are filled with 8- 10 like minded 18 -35 year olds who all are here to have fun and explore places around the world. Most of them are first timers to travel in general so don't worry at all about being lonely. TRAVEL BUDS are for life....seriously! 


COUNTRY and Local Experts

There are 2 ways to experience a place, thru being a visitor and being a native! So the DISCOVI way is to have both create your experience. DISCOVI which is supposed to be DISCOVERING A CULTURE AND VI FOR LIVING IN CULTURE



This is homebase for the next 8 days where you and all your other DISCOVI family live. DISCOVI houses may change by the city but every DISCOVI has all these things included: A bed for each person, Apartment or house located in a fantastic central location. Shower, Kitchen, Bedding and most importantly Coffee!! 

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Culture is beautiful, landmarks are awesome but lets be real its all about the PHOTOS!! That is why we take care of that for you. Life is not lived through a Phone!