8 day Trips $450



8 day trips for only $450

We know what your thinking, travel is expensive and your right it can be but with DISCOVI it doesn't have to be. Because we want to end the stigma that traveling has an insane price tag and its only for really rich people.You, yes YOU can travel for only $499. We even have payment plans reserving your spot by paying a 50% deposit now and the rest later.   See where you could go on our upcoming trips:

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It's not a tour,

It's a  Discovi 

We have a love hate relationship with tours, and we are sure you do too. You want to soak up the culture and history being lead by a pro but on the other hand being in a large group with fact after fact being spoken to you by a person that won't even know your name as you rush by all the coolest sights. Probably isn't your idea of fun!

Enter DISCOVI a different way to travel your world. We don't just see culture WE EXPERIENCE IT. You will be feeling, hearing, smelling, seeing. Touching and Living the culture while having as much fun as possible. Click the button below to discover why you're gonna love your DISCOVI experience:


small Groups, for big fun

When you travel with DISCOVI you don't have to worry about being alone. All DISCOVI groups are filled with 10-15 like minded 20 -35 year olds who all are here to have fun and explore places around the world. Most of them are first timers to travel . So don't worry at all about being lonely or awkward TRAVEL BUDS are for life....seriously! Click below to see why a DISCOVI is the best way travel. See our upcoming trips before we are sold out, small groups means limited supply: